Rumor: Borussia Dortmund looking to sign Thorgan Hazard

If reports in Germany are to be believed, it looks as though Thorgan Hazard is top of the wish list in Borussia Dortmunds hunt for a Christian Pulisic replacement.

Both Bild and Kicker are reporting significant interest in Thorgan Hazard from Borussia Dortmund. Bild went as far as suggesting Dortmund has already gotten the negotiations underway with a potential fee of €42 million. If that were to transpire, it would make Hazard Dortmunds highest transfer in club history, topping the fee paid for Andre Schürrle.

This would be a massive step for Dortmund as Thorgan Hazard is not the type of transfer they have gone after in recent years and could signify a change in mindset for BVB. Hazard is not a young player bought to develop and potentially sell for a large fee down the road. Hazard will be 26 by the summer transfer window and is entering the prime of his career. There wouldn’t be any development time required as he is a proven Bundesliga talent that can make an immediate impact for Borussia Dortmund. These are the types of transfers Borussia Dortmund need to make in order to take steps forward.

Watzke was recently asked about Thorgan Hazard and Timo Werner, who Dortmund was also linked with briefly, responding “I know at least eighty players who would suit us well, but at least I have the impression that one of the two players has already settled his future – and not with us”. Hinting that although Timo Werner would suit Dortmund it is very unlikely he will be joining them.

Bringing Hazard to Dortmund would be a great piece of business by Zorc and Watzke as he’s a proven Bundesliga player in the middle of a fantastic season. Adding Hazard to an attacking midfield that already has the likes Marco Reus and Jadon Sancho would cause problems for any team. It will be interesting to see what other transfer rumors come about now that Pulisic’s fate has now been determined. I for one, am hoping that Hazard will be donning the black and yellow come the 2019/2020 Bundesliga season.