Four players who left Borussia Dortmund too soon

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Borussia Dortmund have had their fair share of high profile transfers and here we look at four players who left Borussia Dortmund too early in their careers.

Borussia Dortmund have seen a lot of players come and go, especially over the last decade with the cub transitioning from struggling financially into a financially flourishing club. A big part of that has been the transfer activity, with a lot of high profile departures, much to the annoyance of the fans at times. There’s very little to argue with though as this has clearly been the right transfer strategy. Dortmund now have themselves in a place to start investing for the now instead of always the future.

There are players that Dortmund let go that went on to play prominent roles on other squads but here we will be taking a look at the players who chose to leave Dortmund. Looking back on the departures now it’s easy to say some of these players left much too early.

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