Borussia Dortmund to receive World Cup compensation payments from FIFA

Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will receive “millions of euros” from FIFA as compensatory payments for the World Cup, per Kicker.

With the World Cup kicking off, it is first time the tournament is being played in the fall, putting it in the middle of most leagues’ seasons. This inconvenience is a significant one, as the tournament has put a halt to club competition entirely across Europe’s top 5 leagues, with the Bundesliga set for the longest layoff.

The risks to clubs’ seasons come in a variety of forms due to this tournament. Teams gaining momentum heading into the break are halted in their stride, and crucial players are at risk of injury at the World Cup, which would mean club squads could be far lighter once competitive football resumes, altering the course of their seasons entirely. No team knows this better than Borussia Dortmund, who often have more than one player come back injured from an international break. Even without international breaks, the injury list has been lengthy.

While one might argue that international football is higher on the totem pole in terms of significance than club football, (and usually I’d be inclined to agree), this World Cup both in terms of placement on the calendar as well as the controversy around it makes one wonder whether the risks to teams’ seasons is truly worth it at all.

To help clubs mitigate any sort of risks, FIFA has paid out 200 million euros to 398 clubs for any troubles incurred at the tournament. We can look at it as a sort of “inconvenience fee” for the fact that the season has been so abruptly interrupted. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are set to receive 2.6 million euros and 4 million euros respectively, making them the two German clubs to receive the most compensation of any in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich in particular is just behind Manchester City in terms of compensation obtained, with England’s Champions receiving 4.17 million euros.

The compensation provided to any club is calculated based on the number of players each club has on international duty. The club is compensated around 10,000 euros per player per day they are away with the national team. With Borussia Dortmund having so many international players going to the World Cup, it’s no surprise to see them amongst the teams with the highest level of compensation.