Coronavirus impact: Can Borussia Dortmund hold on to Jadon Sancho for another year?

Borussia Dortmund are going to have their hands full with Jadon Sancho negotiations this summer, but they might be able to keep hold of him for another year.

With the football season currently suspended and having the potential to be called off completely for the forseeable future it casts a lot of doubt over the immediate and long term impacts it will have. One big part of the footballing world that will likely be affected is the transfer market and each club’s ability to spend in the summer.

Clubs and Leagues are losing millions by the day each day that there’s no football. If this continues to delay, there will be significant revenue lost that could inhibit clubs ability to spend. This is where the Jadon Sancho discussions come into play.

Although it has widely been expected Sancho will be leaving this summer it’s going to be harder for other clubs to meet his transfer fee after losing much revenue. Sancho has world breaking transfer fee potential, and although he isn’t going to go for Neymar’s €222 million, he will certainly go for more than the ~€145 million Dortmund got for Dembele.

That high of a transfer could be extremely difficult coming off some serious financial hardship to end the 2019/2020 season. According to BILD, even English clubs might struggle to meet Borussia Dortmund’s asking price for Sancho.

That could be massive news for Borussia Dortmund who would be keeping one of the best prospects in Europe that is in the midst of turning into a genuine superstar for another season. Sancho is in the middle of an insane season, with 14 goals and 16 assists through 23 games, he has a legitimate chance of scoring 20+ goals and assists in the Bundesliga.

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Imagine what another full season of Jadon Sancho combined with a full season of a Bundesliga ready Erling Haaland could do. Dortmund would not only be title contenders or even favourites, but also be considered a very strong Champions League side.

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