Bundesliga clubs divided over promotion and relegation if season is aborted

With the Bundesliga set to return this weekend, the DFL had a meeting earlier today on what would happen if the season were to be aborted.

Although the Bundesliga is returning this week we are still in the middle of a global pandemic and the German League still needs to prepare for the worst and hope it never happens. During a video conference call earlier today, ten clubs approved the DFL’s proposal, and eight clubs voted against it.

The DFL is proposing that there still be a winner crowned along with two teams being relegated even if the season cannot be finished. This is not only to keep the integrity of the German Leagues in tact but also to ensure all 36 teams across the two leagues are committed to finishing the season. After a heated debate, the decision has now been delayed till next week.

The reality is that the Coronavirus could pick back up at any moment and as a result the Bundesliga could end up being cancelled like several other professional leagues around the world. The good news is we are a long way off from that point, but a contingency plan needs to be in place in case it comes to that.

If teams are in relegation trouble, they are more likely to support the continuation of the leagues if it allows them the chance to potentially play their way out of relegation. The report also confirmed that although there has been recent speculation, they Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga will not be expanding to 20 teams each.

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Lastly, the DFL is also hoping that clubs will agree to allow the end of the Bundesliga to go beyond June 30th if required. The biggest concern on that front will be existing contracts set to end June 30th. Although the Bundesliga is back, there are clearly still several big decisions to be made.

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