Borussia Dortmund rumor roundup: Meunier, Schürrle

Borussia Dortmund have wrapped up their 2019/2020 season and have already started making moves for the 2020/2021 season.

Borussia Dortmund have just finished the 2019/2020 season and are now looking forward to next season making some quick decisions. First off Zorc confirmed that head coach Lucien Favre will be returning next season. Favre only has one year left on his contract so it’s very possible we see a one year extension come for him soon to make sure that he isn’t coaching under a one year contract next season, which isn’t Dortmund’s style.

One of Dortmund’s early moves has been the free transfer of Thomas Meunier from PSG, signing him to a four year contract. Sky sport reporter Jesco von Eichmann appeared on Sky Sports News on Monday and hinted that Meunier will actually be a lot better fit for Favre than Hakimi was. Stating that Favre was only using the 3 centre-back system as they were without a proper right-back.

With Meunier in the fold that changes everything, as it allows Favre to go back to his preferred back four, which wasn’t possible with Hakimi due to his defensive lapses.

Gainluca Di Marzio reported that newly promoted Serie A side Benevento have serious interest in Andre Schürrle as he returns to Dortmund from his most recent loan. Schürrle has no real future with Dortmund and has been loaned out for the last couple of years.

With the financial picture what it is, Dortmund really need to shed Schürrle’s salary and hopefully recoup something in the form of a transfer fee on a permanent move. A possible termination of his contract with a severance payment is also possible, but it could be very costly, as the forward earns an annual salary of seven million euros.

The 29 year just never got a hold at Dortmund and his time was a significant disappointment considering Dortmund made him their record signing in the transfer window at the time.