DFB still hoping for spectators to be at some Pokal games

Although the quest to get fans back in stadiums hasn’t gone smoothly for the DFL, the DFB still remain hopeful on getting some fans in for the start of the Pokal.

The DFB management committee met on August 31st to discuss the plans as they approach the start of the DFB Pokal in September, with the first games starting on September 11th. Although the German Government and health officials haven’t relented on having fans in stadiums yet, the DFB is still keen on bringing at least some fans into the mix for the first round.

Although they want fans in the stadiums, it’s more than likely they will not have fans in every stadium. The most realistic situation will be some fans could be allowed in but it will not be across the board. The DFB committee are well aware the ability to implement fans will be based on regional availability and will come down to the local health authorities to make the final call.

“Health protection remains the top priority. We are aware of the great responsibility we have in football and want to set a good example for sport,” – DFB General Secretary Friedrich Curtius

One thing that is set in stone is that there won’t be any traveling fans allowed into stadiums. With all of the precautions being taken all over the world it makes no sense to have groups of supporters travelling to watch away games.

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The DFB has a timeline in mind, with the goal of presenting their approval conditions to the clubs at their general meeting on Thursday, September 3rd in Frankfurt. One thing that will also be included in the presentation on Thursday is whether the top two leagues will be keeping the 5 substitutions heading into the 2020/21 season.

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