Analysis: Does Edin Terzic have what it takes to lead Borussia Dortmund’s ‘remontada’ this season?

Edin Terzic. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)
Edin Terzic. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images) /
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Borussia Dortmund head coach Edin Terzic
Borussia Dortmund head coach Edin Terzic. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images) /

What Edin Terzic still desperately needs to work on

The inexplicable collapses against Werder Bremen (2-3) and VfB Stuttgart (3-3) undoubtedly cost Borussia Dortmund the Bundesliga trophy more than the Mainz game on its own last season. Those sudden mental breakdowns and unexplainable implosions are still happening, as the Heidenheim game showed on Friday.

For those reasons, Edin Terzic needs to find a way to unify the tactical and mental aspects of the game and develop that in the squad. And he must do so quickly, because Borussia Dortmund’s season is already in danger of petering out after a woeful start to the season.

Terzic might not be the most experienced coach in the big leagues, but he knows the club from the inside out and has shown signs of potential over the last year, which is why he is owed the benefit of the doubt.

Also, the board has openly stated that he is the future of the club, and we learned from the Marco Rose situation that it is not practical nor positive to kill a project mid-way. That is why it is highly unlikely that his future will come into question just yet, especially after another summer of major personnel changes to the squad.

Surely, this is an important season for Edin Terzic to establish himself in the Bundesliga, but he has certainly not started off on the right foot.

With a win against Köln at home, a draw against Bochum, and the embarrassing collapse against Heidenheim – the wheels might already be coming off. Borussia Dortmund have performed poorly and looked very much out of sync in all three matches.

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Compared to the strong displays by Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, and Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund need to change things quickly if they want to salvage their season. And if Terzic wants to complete BVB’s comeback story, it will require more than his love for the club to take them to the promised land.