Borussia Dortmund's restructuring: The winners and losers of Edin Terzic's departure

With Edin Terzic now gone from Borussia Dortmund, we take a look at the winners and losers of his decision to leave the club.
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Felix Nmecha
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Loser: Felix Nmecha

Somehow preferred to Marco Reus at times this season, Felix Nmecha has been a poor signing for Dortmund thus far. His just over 1,300 minutes across the UCL and Bundesliga will certainly be a disappointment for the club and player. Nmecha's time at Dortmund been hindered by injury but the player, who is nearly 24, has still yet to show the ability to play in a possession side.

Loved by Terzic for his physical profile, Nmecha’s time in Dortmund has amassed to three good performances against Wolfsburg and two against Newcastle. Many Dortmund supporters would appreciate a Premier League side viewing those performances and taking a chance on a player who is about to enter his prime.

Sahin will likely play a bit more possession focused style of play which cannot be good for Nmecha who has routinely shown that he struggles with passing the ball. Nmecha has the technical ability to dribble despite his inconsistencies to do so in Dortmund. However, his passing game has continued to struggle.

Salih Ozcan was able to complete 5% more of his passes and play more passes than he did at Koln. Nmecha however, despite completing 8% more passes has completed less progressive passes than at Wolfsburg while his xAG has also been cut in half. Further, Nmecha’s pass completion percentage of 83% in the league this season is average when compated to all midfielders let alone those that play for top sides, which was a prediction made last year immediately after the signing was announced.

What makes Nmecha a loser of the coaching change is both the loss of his fan and the gaining of a more possession-oriented coach. Sahin has led the in possession side of training since the winter break. Nmecha hardly had a look in at this time signaling that Sahin may not think highly of the young German.

Additionally in limited minutes, youngster Kjell Watjen looked excellent in his brief appearances. With Watjen having broken into the first team during the winter break at the same time Sahin took charge the former BVB Academy Graduate turned coach will likely appreciate a player who is not a liability in possession in spite of the smaller frame in a way that Terzic did not. Nmecha may hope to get more minutes at the ten with Reus gone but his creative work this past campaign tells a different story and Sahin may be more willing to move on from a player that is not ball secure.