Borussia Dortmund All-time Scoring Leaders in Champions League History

BVB has a rich history in Europe, but who are the Borrussia Dortmund all-time scoring leaders in Champions League history?

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5. Jan Koller (12 goals)

Interestingly, finishing up the top-five list is Jan Koller. The reason this is interesting is because it confirms that all of the top-five goal-scorers in Champion League history for Borussia Dortmund came after the 2000 mark.

Jan Koller was an incredible striker for Dortmund, who scored a wide array of goals. Although he was capable of scoring all types of goals, Koller was known for his trademark of being an elite target man.

Despite representing eight different teams throughout his career, it's fair to say Koller is best remembered for his five-year stint with BVB, where he became the leading goal-scorer in their Champions League history at the time. This has since been broken, but Koller still makes this list in fifth place, what a legend.


What's your favourite Champions League memory, Borussia Dortmund fans?