Edin Terzic believes Borussia Dortmund are headed in the right direction, but more consistency is needed

Edin Terzic
Edin Terzic / Anadolu/GettyImages

Edin Terzic is confident that Borussia Dortmund are making strong progress, but he knows that they must make winning a habit if they are to compete for the top honours.

It has been a whirlwind of a season so far for Borussia Dortmund, with fluctuating performances the norm. The Black and Yellows have overcome many hurdles to make it to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. But they also find themselves in a precarious position in the Bundesliga standings, with a place in next season's Champions League far from guaranteed.

One man who has come under plenty of criticism is Edin Terzic, with his team's pragmatic style of play leaving a lot to be desired. The BVB head coach feels that the only way to calm the unrest is by delivering good performances. But Terzic also knows that they simply haven't played with enough consistency this season.

"We've simply shown too many fluctuations this season, between games and in individual matches. We haven't managed to get a grip on that, even though it's been an issue for years," Terzic said in an interview with Kicker. "We have to ask ourselves why we often start games well and then aren't as dominant or in control afterwards. You can train for that by discussing it openly and pointing it out. We also have to make winning a habit in training."

Despite Borussia Dortmund's struggles for consistency in the Bundesliga, Terzic is confident that the team is headed in the right direction. The 41 year old is also happy to deal with the criticism and stress that comes with the job, as long as the joy of the journey is greater than the pressure from the outside.

"I've now been back at BVB for six years. I know Borussia Dortmund. I know the expectations. And I know BVB's path: year after year, we are rebuilding instead of improving because important players leave us. We still try to compete for titles every year. That is our way. I have also made this path my path to success, even if it is sometimes not easy, and often challenging - not to mention exhausting."

"I get up every morning to invest everything and fight for the club's success. That's what Borussia Dortmund has always been known for in its 114-year history. Has BVB won the league every year or reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League? No! I have no problem if my path to success takes a little longer, as long as I have the feeling that I'm heading in the right direction."

A tough run of fixtures awaits Borussia Dortmund following the international break, starting with their trip to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga this weekend.