Four young right-backs Borussia Dortmund should consider signing

Elias Jelert
Elias Jelert / Mateusz Slodkowski/GettyImages
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Anton Gaaei

Signed by Sven Mislantat for Ajax, Anton Gaaei is one of the few hits in what was a poor summer for Borussia Dortmund’s new squad planner.

Gaaei is a victim of Ajax’s struggles with his 4.6 expected assists resulting in just 2 actual assists. His expected assists per 90 ranks him in the top 1% of all full-backs. Gaaei holds his own defensively as well, strong on the ball, and efficient in duels. He also has decent progressive passing numbers. 

Gaaei is still just 21 and has some developing to do, but has an athletic frame and has adapted well to an Ajax side in turmoil. His potential is quite high and Borussia Dortmund could look to take advantage of Ajax's financial woes by signing him.