Marco Reus believes in Borussia Dortmund’s chances against Real Madrid in the Champions League final

Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus believes Dortmund can achieve something special against Real Madrid in the Champions League final
Borussia Dortmund v SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga
Borussia Dortmund v SV Darmstadt 98 - Bundesliga / Dean Mouhtaropoulos/GettyImages

As we look ahead to what will be one of, if not the most important games in Borussia Dortmund’s recent history, we also look ahead to a future without club talisman Marco Reus. Reus is set to end his time in schwarz-gelb this summer, with the player leaving on a free transfer once the summer transfer window opens.

Before his departure, a Champions League final against Real Madrid looms large; a potential era defining final for both the club and the player. The setting, Wembley, is a familiar one for both Dortmund and Reus, who in his first season at the club after signing from Borussia Mönchengladbach, helped guide the club to a final against Bayern at the very same stadium. In a recent interview posted on the club's official website, Reus reminisced about his first season and the 2013 final, and how this isn't a bad last game to have with Dortmund, in his opinion:

"That's been eleven years now, it's a different opponent, there are other players. To start with a 2013 Champions League final in Wembley and to stop with a Champions League final in 2024 in Wembley - there are worse things. Now the big goal is that we get it too. You can't even imagine what would happen in Dortmund the next day."

Marco Reus

The fact that this game brings Reus’ time at Dortmund full circle makes it even more special as the crescendo of his time in black and yellow. In terms of the opponents, Reus did not mince words when describing their quality on the pitch, but also highlighted that there’s every chance Dortmund can pull off something special if they stick to the task at hand:

"Real Madrid has been in the final five times in the past ten years. You know what quality is coming your way. You know that the players are used to this situation, that they are probably less excited. But that doesn't decide in the end whether you win the game or not. They individually have incredibly strong players, they play a quiet football, but they can also press up, they run a lot. It depends on different moments in the end, it's a game, and in a game everything is possible. We must believe in it, we will believe in it. We will be supported incredibly numerous in the final. We have to bundle the energy that reigns in the city and in the stadium as a club and then everything is possible. We definitely believe in it."

Marco Reus

Borussia Dortmund will have a very tough task in facing this Real Madrid side, but as Reus puts it, anything is possible in this final. The Borussia Dortmund that shows up will have to be the same team that managed to get past both Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain on their way to Wembley. There is a strong sense of hope that Dortmund can bring this trophy home and celebrate with both Reus and the fans one last item before this chapter in the player’s and club’s joint history comes to a close.