Official League's collection of BVB hats employ a minimalistic and fashionable take on the expression of fandom

Official League's collection of hats are very much a unique way for fans to express their fandom.

As a football fan, finding new and unique football apparel for the club one supports is always an exciting experience. For myself in particular, this means Borussia-Dortmund related apparel. 

When looking for a new piece I want to add to my collection, be it a kit, scarf, or hat, I always tend to lean towards the more meaningful pieces that really help to bring that fandom and love for the club forward. One such collection that deserves a shoutout is Official League’s collection of Borussia Dortmund-themed hats. 

The collection boasts an array of minimalistic yet fashionable designs that stick true to the club’s colors and offer an exemplary option for one to show their fandom beyond getting a kit or other club-related apparel. 

Having had a look at their collection myself, their “forever captain” hat really stood out to me as a very timely piece, as it depicts Dortmund’s departing legend Marco Reus on the front. With the Champions League final less than two weeks away, and with Reus’ departure imminent, the cap brings with it a new special meaning, immortalizing the Dortmund legend on the front, and as Official League puts it themselves, honoring his legacy at the club. Reus has the chance to write one more piece of beautiful history with the club at Wembley, so we'll all be hoping to see a level of celebration from Dortmund's talisman similar to what's depicted on the front of this particular hat.

Apparel such as this offers a unique spin on how fans can show support for their club, often going beyond the confines of traditional club merchandise by bringing fresh creativity and equally top-tier aesthetics to the fore. For more on Official League’s collection, you can visit their site to see the rest of the hats they have on offer.