Opinion: Why Borussia Dortmund shouldn't sell Karim Adeyemi this summer

Press Conference and training Borussia Dortmund
Press Conference and training Borussia Dortmund / Soccrates Images/GettyImages
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Karim Adeyemi has many interested suitors this summer, including Juventus. However, to sell him this summer would be a massive mistake. The 22 year old has received much criticism this past year for his slow start following an injury. There was also much tabloid gossip discussing his relationship with pop star Loredana.

Adeyemi by no means had a perfect season, as he struggled with injuries and form. But he also started regularly as Borussia Dortmund made a surprise run to the Champions league final.

What external factors may have affected Adeyemi last season? Much was made of his relationship, but as he found form that relationship still existed meaning these stories were rather fanciful with injuries and stylistic changes to Terzic’s team negatively impacting Adeyemi’s form rather than his home life. Adeyemi has yet to reach his prime as he is about to enter just his age 22 season.