The pros and cons of Borussia Dortmund possibly giving Marius Wolf and Mateu Morey new contracts

Borussia Dortmund may offer new contracts to Marius Wolf and Mateu Morey pending observation of their perfromances until the end of the season.
Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City  - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 1: Leg Two
Borussia Dortmund v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 1: Leg Two / Pool/GettyImages

Much speculation has surround Borussia Dortmund’s plans to revamp the squad after the current season comes to a conclusion. This season’s results have indeed highlighted a need for certain players to leave so that room could be made for new faces that could have a positive impact on the squad. 

The plans for restructuring are already going into effect, with the club already moving on Thomas Meunier ahead of schedule, with the Belgian international making the move to Tabzonspor in Turkey. Two additional players, Marius Wolf and Mateu Morey, seemed set to leave at the end of the season as well, freeing up quite a bit of space in the right back position. 

According to reports however, Dortmund may actually be inclined to change their minds about Morey and Wolf pending the performances they show over the course of the next few months. For many this will come as a shock due to the formers extensive injury history and the latters overall poor performances. 

The question Dortmund seem to be posing themselves is, well, what if these two players show they can improve, does it make sense to keep them on? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this line of thinking, starting with Wolf.

In Wolf’s case, Dortmund have a committed utility player that can play either on the wing or  at right back. The player identifies with the club, which is a welcome aspect of what he brings with his presence. The player also has a strong work ethic at least in terms of training. In fact, the player has been training with MMA fighters to improve his fitness and really push for a new contract.

Unfortunately for Wolf, that’s where the positives end. Despite his versatility, Wolf has not excelled in either position (on the wing or in defense) and actually shown that when playing at right back he leaves the team rather vulnerable. His contract extension isn’t something Dortmund should consider, especially if Dortmund plan to sign additional players in this position come the summer. His attacking output does not exceed Dortmund’s current options on the wing either, and therefore separation seems like the best option for the club.

In terms of Morey, there is s bit more upside in him possibly staying, but it doesn’t come without risk. Focusing on the positive however, unlike Wolf, Morey has shown a propensity to be a capable right back. In the lead up to Dortmund’s 2021 DFB Pokal win, Morey had a very strong run of form that highlighted why Dortmund had brought him in in the first place. His injury in that semi-final withHolstein Kiel derailed his career as it heralded the beginning of a two year absence from the team and playing on the pitch. His ability on the ball and his propensity to progress it in an attacking manner we’re most recently highlighted in Dortmund’s test match against AZ Alkmaar in Marbella during the winter training camp, and he showed glimpses of what he can provide should Dortmund choose to give him minutes.

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That being said, the injury history makes relying on Morey, even if his form improves, a risky decision. Depending on what Dortmund’s said looks like in terms of depth and what signings the club makes, I still see a place for Morey as an impact sub for the club, and perhaps a more important player if he can show that his fitness issues are behind him long term. If Dortmund were to re-sign Morey, a shorter term deal may be more appropriate so the club can gauge if he’s even capable of an extensive run of fitness.