What to expect from Borussia Dortmund during the summer transfer window?

With the Bundesliga season in the books, it is time to look ahead to the transfer window. But what changes can we expect from Borussia Dortmund in the summer?
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The Jadon Sancho/Ian Maatsen dilemma

The first and most important issue on Borussia Dortmund's to-do list is likely deciding on whether they can sign both Jadon Sancho and Ian Maatsen permanently. While Sancho has shown flashes of his old self following a disappointing spell at Manchester United, Maatsen has been one of BVB's top performers since joining on loan from Chelsea

Maatsen has a release clause of 35 million euros in his contract, and he is keen to stay at BVB. With a clear opportunity to buy a young and gifted player in a position of need, I believe Maatsen is worth the risk, even if Chelsea don't budge on the price. Dortmund should secure him for next season while academy product Tom Rothe continues to develop as a back-up option.

In the meantime, the Sancho situation seems to be a more complex matter, as BVB do not have a buy option or release clause. Therefore, BVB would have to either make an offer to Manchester United or negotiate a second loan deal with a mandatory buy option.

If that second loan deal is a real possibility, BVB should definitely insist on the idea to keep Sancho for the long run. It seems unlikely that he would get another shot at Manchester United, especially with the current hierarchy in place there. So if the 24 year old wants to stay at BVB, he could force the Premier League side's hand into accepting the option of a second loan deal.