Opinion: Reasons for patience and optimism for Borussia Dortmund fans

Borussia Dortmund (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)
Borussia Dortmund (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Borussia Dortmund capitulated against Werder Bremen on matchday three of the Bundesliga season in spectacular fashion. The historic collapse left many wondering: “Have things really changed for die Schwarzgelben?” Now a few days later, we take a look at the prospects for the coming season and whether or not BVB’s Bundesliga aspirations are over before the year began.

In short answer: no, the season isn’t over. I know, Saturday’s loss was… well, it was bad. I think most would agree that Borussia Dortmund deserved to lose on Saturday. After three straight weeks of toeing the line and scraping by, fate finally caught up with us and we got burned. But the way in which Dortmund lost on Saturday was truly nauseating.

How does a team with title ambitions give up three goals in the final seven minutes to a team that was literally just promoted from the 2. Bundesliga?

I share in the overall sentiment from Borussia Dortmund fans in how I feel about Saturday’s loss to Werder Bremen. I spent most of the day after the match just contemplating the question on everyone’s mind: “What in the world just happened?” Although BVB played really, really badly for pretty much the entire match, once our second goal found the back of the net I thought that maybe we had gotten away with playing with fire once again. It’s amazing how much things can change in the time it takes for me to heat up my oven.

For those of you who didn’t get to watch the game on Saturday, let me just save you the trouble and implore you not to watch it. Ever. There is nothing for you in that game except heartbreak and pain. No good things happened, except maybe Raphaël Guerreiro’s world-class goal and Gio Reyna making his return to the first-team.

I thought about possibly going through and giving a rundown of what happened and where things went wrong, but I think that there has been enough of that going around. And in all honesty, I don’t think I can spend much more time reliving that terrible game.

So instead, I wanted to take some time to give my thoughts about this Borussia Dortmund team and the perceived goals they have for this campaign, as well as their overall performance now that they’re four games into the season. I also wanted to challenge my own thoughts and fears that this season truly is over before it’s even begun and that Dortmund is the same old team it’s always been – which might be exactly what you’ve been thinking since Saturday. This week hasn’t been fun, but maybe there are some reasons for us to still be hopeful yet.