4 Borussia Dortmund players who failed to meet their expectation

Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal: UEFA Champions League
Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal: UEFA Champions League / Boris Streubel/GettyImages
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2. Mario Gotze (second time around)

At the second time of asking, Mario Gotze struggled to reach the expectation Borussia Dortmund fans had of him. Perhaps it was his first spell at the club which plagued Mario Gotze with a higher expectation than he was capable of reaching.

In fact, every Borussia Dortmund fan is aware of the betrayal Gotze committed by signing for Bayern Munich. It wasn't just the fact that he signed for Bayern (after all, BVB fans are used to this), it was the manner in which he signed for them. As mentioned though, BVB is a forgiving club, so he was welcomed back for a second shot to save his career.

During a time period of uncertainty for BVB when they seemed to switch managers more often than the players ate hot dinners, Gotze was not able to find his feet again. The tale of Gotze is an unfortunate one since he definitely shouldn't have left BVB in the first place but he probably shouldn't have returned either. Still, moving on.

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