Karim Adeyemi feels he is treated unfairly by referees after being denied another penalty

Karim Adeyemi
Karim Adeyemi / Rene Nijhuis/MB Media/GettyImages

Karim Adeyemi believes that he is treated unfairly by referees after being denied what he felt was a clear penalty against Stuttgart on Saturday.

Borussia Dortmund fell to a 1-0 defeat against VfB Stuttgart on Saturday, but the result could have been much different had referee Matthias Jöllenbeck pointed to the spot when Karim Adeyemi was brought down inside the box by Maximilian Mittelstädt. The incident happened early in the game, and the BVB forward was left frustrated as another possible penalty call went against him.

This wasn't the first time Adeyemi was denied a penalty despite being brought down inside the box, with last season's Ruhr Derby against VfL Bochum the prime example. The 22 year old said after the game that referees treat him unfairly, while admitting to falling over inside the box while looking for contact in the past.

"There was contact, I clearly felt it on my knee. That's why I fell there. That was a clear penalty for me. But the referee said it wasn't enough," Adeyemi told Sky Sport. "In recent games, when something like this happens, the referee tells me straight away: We know you."

"There have definitely been situations in the past where I have fallen over in the penalty area, I absolutely admit that. But things can't go on like this."

Edin Terzic said after Saturday's game that Adeyemi has to learn how to not fall over too theatrically when he is fouled inside the box. "There was a situation with Karim last year in Bochum, this season against Leverkusen. It looks a bit theatrical, yes. But in slow motion you can clearly see that he's hit on the knee. The contact takes place at very high speed. But he also has to learn at some point to ensure that it doesn't look so theatrical when he falls down after getting hit."

Karim Adeyemi picked up two yellow cards for diving last season, and there is a chance those incidents play a part in the referees' minds as they look to determine whether or not they should award a penalty.