Opinion: Borussia Dortmund's Julian Ryerson deserves a new, improved contract

Borussia Dortmund's Julian Ryerson is set to receive a contract extension due to his performances as Premier League clubs show interest.
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Julian Ryerson’s efforts since joining the club are set to be rewarded with a contract extension offer that many will be hoping the Norwegian international signs. While Dortmund are likely to still look for an additional full-back this summer, having Ryerson as a player to rotate in will be a very welcome thing for the club to have at their disposal.

The contract extension would also act as a security measure as clubs from the Premier League have started to take note of Ryerson and his qualities. According to Sky Sport, both Aston Villa and Brighton are keen on securing the 26 year old's services, so making sure the player is tied to a longer term contract will help in ensuring that he will remain with Dortmund for many more years to come. 

Ryerson staying is also crucial from a depth standpoint as Dortmund have already moved on from Thomas Meunier, and will likely see both Marius Wolf and Mateu Morey leave this summer. These impending departures will mean that Dortmund will need more than one face at the two full-back positions next season. With Ryerson performing so well, keeping the player is a no brainer, and with the wages vacated by departing players, an increase to what the club pays the Norwegian international is not only deserved, but completely feasible. 

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In Ryerson, Dortmund have player with the talent necessary to play for the club, even if it’s in a more utilitarian role. Ryerson should likely still expect ample minutes even if Dortmund bring in another full-back on either flank as he has proven his ability to be a top player and someone that the club can rely on, both from a performance and passion standpoint. Ryerson’s recent appointment to the team council speaks volumes about how much the club have come to respect his contributions, and see him as an important part of the club’s future planning.